BeffsBrowser Archives

"A Simple but powerful Webbrowser" - written in by a highschool student

This is a list of past releases. The source code since these releases have changed and is not available for these versions.

One last note on the following releases on the first few releases I didn't keep them I deleted them and put the new release in place of the old.

NOTICE Due to archiving of Codeplex, and discontiued hosting of projects, and not knowing how long the archive will stay up I deicded to discontinue archives for versions older than that of released on Github. For questions on Archives even before Codeplex please create a issue.

*Version 1.4.1Beta

*Version 1.5.0

*Version 1.5.1

*Version 1.5.2

* Version 1.5.3

* Version 1.5.4

* Version 1.6.0

* Version 1.6.1

* Version 1.6.2

* Version 1.6.3